alles-vegetarisch.de all vegan online shop

alternate computer hardware and electronics

bioeinwegartikel compostable one-way products like trash-bags or dishes

chairholder chairs

da-x audio electronics shop

frostashop online shop for frosta frozen food products

gefro instant soups, sauces and more

heuschrecke import, production and wholesale of spices

naturstrom renewable energy seller

posteo email services provider

puretea high quality tea online shop with low-cost sample sets

serverway performant kvm hosting that supports arch linux

tefcold commercial refrigeration and totally silent absorption refrigerators

umweltbank ethical banking

your-sms.com send sms from the computer, even via email



basic law for the federal republic of germany

bundeshaushalt-info government revenue and spending


offenerhaushalt revenue and spending of states and municipalities

pirate party of germany has more free software supporters than any other party

political system of germany


dict.cc online translation dictionary based on user contributions supporting multiple languages including english and german, with audio for each entry

openthesaurus german online dictionary with api and downloadable site source code



11tech.wordpress.com weblog

aboalarm.de automated contract terminations

destatis statistics about germany

easy-network subnetting explained

fahrtipps.de/index.php driving school information

fefes weblog computer, politics and other topics

gesetze-im-internet laws

hessisches landesamt fur umwelt und geologie public information about air pollution and more



nichtlustig.de comics

pics.nase-bohren.de fun pictures

pocketfahrschule.de learn all official drivers license test questions and answers for free

radioaktivitatsmessnetz des bundesamtes fur strahlenschutz

schnittberichte.com censorship reports for movies and games


systempedal bicycle pedal types

tagebuch eines programmierers short story

telepolis articles and news

turba delirantium lyrical text "omnis mundi creatura"

ulmen.tv videos. some good ones

verschlusselung mit luks guide that shows how to encrypt partitions or to create an encrypted mountable file with luks, including automatic unlocking at login

verwandt name distribution

virtualist tests and reviews virtual hosting providers


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